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Smart Email Marketing is the most powerful email marketing and newsletter tools. It has been designed with ease of use and robustness in mind. Smart Email Marketing can handle an unlimited number of newsletters with an unlimited number of subscribers in just few clicks.

Smart Email Marketing (電郵廣告宣傳, 電郵推廣) has a lot of new powerful features:
• First time wizard to help you send your first newsletter successfully.
• Copy function for lists and newsletters which can be used to manage newsletter template.
• Special front-end user-panel (so users can easily manage the newsletters they are subscribed to)
• Auto-configuration of mailing settings
• Front-end edition of newsletter for Administrators
• Sending mailing report to list owner
• Personalize newsletter by greeting the reader with their firstname.
• Education center to help you write and design effective newsletters.
• Imports email list data from any source
• Import of subscribers and newsletters from previous newsletters system ( YaNC, Letterman, phpList, ccNewsletter, etc...)
• Integrated Subscriber History
• Past newsletters Public Archive
• Backend and Frontend fully multi-language
• Conforms to most ISP restrictions for sending mail.
• Integration with Community Builder (CB).
• Unlimited lists
• Unlimited newsletters
• Unlimited subscribers Smart Email Marketing also include classical newsletters functionalities:
• Handle registered or unregistered subscribers
• Attachment capability
• Email address validation when registering
• Sends test email to admin before whole list
• Ability to Ban emails
• Embedded images option
• Automated unsubscribing link
• Preview newsletter before sending either on the screen or send a test email
• Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened newsletters, HTML or text only)
• HTML or TEXT only mailings
• No limit on mailing list size In the near future In additional you can extend to Plus or PRO which will add extra features like:
• auto-responders to transform your website in an eMarketing machine
• newsletters scheduling to work arrount server limitiation
• access control (ACL)
• smart newsletters and more.

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